Municipal Area/Public Space Cleaning Equipment

PT Starindo Cleaning Technologies has grown to establish itself as nationwide leading cleaning solution company, offering top quality commercial cleaning equipments; vacuums, floor polishers, carpet extractors, etc. As a company, PT Starindo Cleaning Technologies brings the most advanced cleaning technologies available on the global market. In every respect, you can be guaranteed that PT Starindo Cleaning Technologies is the right partner that you do business with.

Customer satisfaction is our main objective and forms the focal point of all our work. That is why we see it as our responsibility to provide specialist advice as well as safe quality products which suit the application in question and benefit users. We can offer a wide range of important services as well as exemplary customer service. All that is what a large team of reliable employees are working together to achieve.

We are the right partner; it is our aim to provide the best.

  • Bridge Inspection Machine

    Barin is our partner in procurement of bridge inspection equipments. Barin has been working in the field of design and manufacture of bridge inspection units since the sixties. Barin equipment is often designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the customers and is capable therefore to suit whatever technical need. Testing of machines and certification of safety standards is provided according to current rules of country of destination.

  • Mechanical Road Sweeper

    The heavy duty sweeper suit for city and industrial with special combination of mechanical and suction technologies at finest.

    • Dulevo 3000 Revolution PDF

    • Dulevo 6000 Revolution PDF

    • Dulevo 5000 Veloce PDF

  • Vacuum Road Sweeper

    The compact sweeper for municipal cleaning with grounds maintenance options. High maneuverability in the most confined of species, quiet, first class work place with perfect view on the work area.

    • Dulevo 850 Mini PDF

    • Dulevo D Zero (Electric) PDF

  • Garbage Collection Vehicle

    • Hidromak Compactor 6 m³ PDF

    • Hidromak Compactor 12 m³ PDF

    • Hidromak Compactor 15 m³ PDF

    • Hidromak Tipper PDF

  • Garbage Bin

  • Geosynthetic Liner

    • Geomembrane HDPE PDF

    • Geomembrane High Performance PDF

    • GCL PDF