After Sales Service

Each unit sales / product of PT Starindo Cleaning Technologies is always equipped with total support from after-sales service team. Every unit purchased must always be ready for operation at all times. Therefore we provide spare parts for all units we sell, well educated and experienced mechanics are always ready to support the smooth operation of the unit. We also offer repair and replace parts after the sale of all the units that we sell during the warranty period.

To support our service motto “We also provide the best service for your machine”, tools facility, workshop and high mobilization technicians, has been a joint commitment to achieve customer satisfaction.

The existence of our product support is supported by facilities such as workshops with complete facilities and equipment, standard tool for every technician. Technicians with various experiences and technical backgrounds giving fast and reliable support in after-sales services.

Technical Training

Our technicians routinely receive training to improve their knowledge and skills. Aside from local trainers, we also regularly trained by instructors from the principal country of origin such as Italy, Germany, USA, Australia and Regional Office in Thaliland and India.

We also provide technical training to the technicians or operators of our customers, both in the classroom and practice in the field directly. owned appropriate standard of care. This training is intended to the customer, so that they could learn more in the unit maintenance with appropriate standard of care.


All our products get a warranty in case of errors or mistakes in product design from the assembly plant. We guarantee that all products are ready to be operated in order to meet your needs.

Terms & Conditions Apply to Obtain Warranty

  • Periodic servicing must be carried out properly and correctly.
  • Always use a predefined standard oil mill.
  • Always use original spare parts.
  • Always operate the unit with the terms and conditions that have been instructed in the manual.

Services Contract

Services Contract is one of the best solutions we offer to help the customer in the care of the unit, so the availability of tools to work to maximum, so as to minimize the “breakdown time” unit.

Service Contract Program Profit

  • Units to the maximum availability
  • Service and maintenance budget estimates are constant
  • Minimize breakdown unit
  • An objective report on the condition of the unit
  • Regular reports on the unit condition
  • Focus on Business Core